Welcome to the Buncombe County Veterans Council Website The nature of the Buncombe County Veterans Council BCVC is to promote the general welfare of all veteran organizations and its members We unite in order to promote and encourage all forms of patriotic activity and community observance and to speak in the unified.

Buncombe County is home to thousands of military veterans and members of the active military returning from deployment overseas. You may see their faces every day and not know the sacrifices they have made. For this reason and many more, we must continue to identify, honor and serve the needs of all our veterans.

As the Council continues to grow, it will become even more vital to the community to share information, combine resources, and network amongst the different organizations to better serve the veterans within Buncombe County and the surrounding communities.

Special guests and dignitaries are invited to our meetings to educate the Council with information vital to the Veteran community, to the state, and to our military members and their families.